Strategic Planning and Business Development

Entering a market takes a lot of planning and competitive knowledge. Performing a competitive analysis of the market sounds overwhelming. LLA researches and executes competitive analyses for businesses in all sectors of the economy. We help businesses to understand if the market is under-served, overcrowded, if the supply chain is clogged or flows freely, and provide intelligence on local pricing. Read more »

Social Media and Web Presence

In today\\\'s business climate, an effective online presence is no longer an optional marketing channel. Rather it is an essential tool for a successful business. But, while all businesses need some sort of online presence, not every tool is right for everyone. At Loon Landing Advisors, our skilled consultants can work with you to understand what you want, need and expect from your online presence. Read more »

Entrepreneurs and Incubators

You: New business owner with a big idea who is ready to take on the world. Money\\\'s tight, but it hopefully won\\\'t be for long. Us: Smart consultants with experience in the entrepreneurial and small business world. We know what you need to succeed, and can work within your budget. Our specialties include market strategy, product niche ID and help with adapting to changes in your vertical and in the economy, business development assistance. We know how to help you hire, train and grow your sales force. Social media strategy, website work, business planning. Together: We will flatten the the obstacles that can impede rapid growth and set our sights on success. Read more »

Community Engagement

Effective community engagement has benefits for both government and citizens. For government, community engagement allows for wider sources of information, perspectives and potential solutions and is often the basis for productive dialogue and deliberation. Read more »


Buying Access to Your Newsfeed


By Seth Michalak


We may have finally hit the breaking point for ridiculous, money-making Facebook ideas.  According to this Mashable post, Facebook users will soon be able to pay to have their posts seen by more people.  While our friends who are ego-maniacal and/or insecure, with large amounts of disposable income rejoice, the average Facebook user is likely to start feeling alienated. Let me explain…

What’s New with LLA


By: Jeri Espstein, Managing Partner

Change is inevitable. Companies that don’t change and don’t adapt to market conditions have a short shelf life.  Loon Landing Advisors started as a consulting company that had emergency management, assistance for start up businesses, and social media as its primary target audience.  In the last year, we have been shaped by demand and have had significant changes that have taken us in unexpected directions. To follow is where we are headed and who is helping our success.

Prima Donnas

Prima Donnas? Shooting Stars? High Maintenance?   Every one of those terms has been used in the coffee room to describe business development /sales people. The CEO may have used the term when tempers fray.  How can a company build a culture in which the sales and business development team integrates smoothly into the entire company?

The Care and Feeding of Business Development

By: Jeri Epstein, Managing Director

Integrating the business development team into the rest of your company takes planning and a high EQ.  EQ is an Emotional Quotient. In smart leaders, it complements a high IQ.  Strong leaders have both.

The financial department, engineers, IT professionals often view the Business Development team in your company as the flighty, high-expense account, travel-everywhere crowd. They are the ones flying to interesting cities, eating lunch on the company’s credit card and having drinks with prospective customers while the “real employees” work every day in cube farms and closed offices. It sets up a potential source of friction.

Discontinuity, Dislocation and Starting a Business

by: Jeri Epstein, Managing Partner

Our parents’ generation went to work for a company, stayed there for 35 years, and then received a gold watch and a retirement package. Those days are gone. Until the financial collapse four years ago, women were the primary victims of discontinuity in their work lives. They would start a job, marry, have children, and take time to raise them. When they returned to the office, trying to juggle families and jobs, their male counterparts had moved steadily ahead into executive management positions. With the financial downturn, men were unemployed and their dream of working for large, established corporations with pensions and benefits were disrupted as well.  Discontinuity became a universal problem.

Social Media Strategy vs. Policy

Recently I have seen some blog posts that use the terms social media policy and social media strategy interchangeably. Don’t do this – know the difference. You could conceivably have a policy without a strategy.  But more usefully, you should have a social media strategy that follows a company social media policy.  Confused yet?  Well here are the differences.